Small businesses and start-ups can be a little like bicycles. Sometimes a good one can lie around for years in need of a new owner because its present owner doesn’t have the time to run it. Sometimes a business needs a new owner because they have the expertise to look after it properly and take it places it would never otherwise go. And sometimes a parts of an old business are used to improve an existing bicycle. Buying a second-hand business gives the buyer a fantastic head start, as a lot of the hard work has already been done for them. Whichever way you look at it, it doesn’t take much for the right person to turn a business that’s standing still into a business that pedals like a dream. Little Businesses helps you find the perfect little business for you. You can search through our video classifieds for inspiration  and then if you’d like to make contact we’ll put you in touch.

Little Businesses helps match those with a little business to sell with those looking for a ‘trading’ or ‘ready-to-trade’ business (in latter case there has to already be a lot of ground work done for it to have any value – it can’t just be the idea!). They’re little remember so the prices range from £20-£20,000. If you want a big business there are lots of other sites around. But this is the only one like this. It’s personal you see. You can search the website for cool ideas and then we’ll will put you in touch with the owners if you’d like to make contact.

There are a good few businesses out there that need dusting off and selling so they can get up and running!